Types of Shades

  • Roller
  • Screen – Solar – Exterior Solar
  • Roman – Fresco Roman
    Honeycomb – Cellular – Crystal Pleat
  • Pleated (folded single layer fabric with visible strings)
  • Woven Wood – Natural – Bamboo
  • Banded – Layered
  • Sheer Shades
  • Sliding Panels – Skyline

Honeycomb shades

Soft, versatile shades in a honeycomb-shaped cell design that traps air for maximum insulation and energy savings

Banded Shades

Materials with clean lines and a fabric-wrapped cassette for a modern take on light control

Natural Shades

Renewable materials in versatile weaves and natural patterns for a distinct, rustic look

Pleated Shades

Evenly-spaced, crisp folds of woven fabrics in trendy patterns add depth and structure

Rollered Shades

Clean, upscale design tailored to your light control preferences, from sheer to blackout

Roman Shades

Premium fabrics add style with exquisite, soft folds while retaining the practicality of a shade

Sheer Shades

Seamless layers of sheer fabric create airy elegance while providing UV protection and light filtering

Solar Shades

Stylish, semi-opaque fabrics offer glare and UV protection while maintaining an open view to the outdoors

Sliding Panels

Sleek, contemporary design in a wide selection of materials perfect for large windows and patio doors

Use a remote to easily tilt the slats on your Graber Shades for just the right amount of light


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