Types of Blinds

  • Wood (higher quality, higher cost 20-30% generally, lighter weight than Faux, stronger than faux, generally fewer ladders than faux and vinyl)
  • Faux Wood (FOX wood) (usually lower cost, easier to clean than wood)
  • Vinyl (Lowest Cost, cheap, will not last as long usually without deforming)
  • Aluminum (Low price, long lasting, susceptible to permanent bends)
    Vertical (vinyl and cloth)

Slat types

  • Standard Route Hole (oval shades hole with a string running through it)
  • No-Hole Notched
  • Small Hole at the back (we do not offer at this time on 2”)

Slat Sizes

  • ½ (aluminum, also know as micro blinds)
  • 5/8” (aluminum we do not offer, I’ve only seen inside door and window glass)
  • 1” (aluminum and vinyl)
  • 2” wood and Faux wood usually. (2” Vinyl and 2” Aluminum are rare. We only have 2” vinyl at this time
  • 2 ½ “ Wood and Faux wood (not recommended due to headrail issue with the manufactured we offer)



  • Wand (Safe, cumbersome personal hand motions 7 rotations?)
  • Cord (choke hazard, fast operation, same cost as wand usually)
  • Motorized (More expensive)


  • Cord
  • Cordless (precludes No-Hole
Painted Horse Blinds remote control
Use a remote to easily tilt the slats on your Graber Blinds for just the right amount of light

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