Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Of the moment at every moment, and in step with any décor, Graber Roman Shades have long been the choice of designers.

Find your style within one of two collections: the neutral hues and crisp lines of the streamlined Graber Fresco Roman collection, or the lush premium fabrics and exquisite style options that can only be found in the Graber Artisan collection.

Roman Shades

Control Types

  • Cordless Lift
  • Continuous Cord Lift
  • Corded Lift
  • Motorized Lift

Shade Style Choices

  • 6” Flat Style Shade
  • 4 5/15 Looped Pleated style shade
  • Top Down Bottom Up Cord Lift
  • Cord Winder
  • Decorative cord cleats
  • Valance Gimp, Fringe, Bead Trim
  • Wood Cornices

A range of lift controls can be paired with your Graber Roman Shades

Cord Lift

Raise and lower using a free-hanging cord; it’s a standard, time-tested solution

Continuous-Loop Lift

Smooth operation with a consistent cord length makes raising shades easier than ever; consider for large, heavy shades

Cordless Lift

Gently raise and lower the shade manually by grasping the cord pull, hidden behind the shade, and raising it up or pulling it down (back of Artisan shade shown)

Motorized Lift

Convenient, safe control with the touch of a button; great for large or hard to reach shades

Use a remote to easily tilt the slats on your Graber Roman Shades for just the right amount of light


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